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10 September 2023

157th birth anniversary of Pandit Madhusudan Ojha

The use of Vedic science surprised everyone.


The 157th birth anniversary of the great Sanskrit scholar Vidyavachaspati Pandit Madhusudan Ojha Ji was celebrated at the Vishwaguru Deep Ashram Research Institute in Jaipur. The main speaker of this program, Prof. Dayanand Bhargava, amazed all the scholars by using the hymns of Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda. He said that this science is the research of Pt. Ojha Ji. He suggested that research centers for Pt. Ojha Vedic Science should be opened by the Rajasthan Government and the Central Government so that India’s science can come before the world. Such experiments have already been conducted in Jaipur.




In the programme, Dr. Ramdev Sahu discussed about auspicious times called Muhurta.


Prof. Gopinath ji remembered Ojha ji by reciting a poem in Rajasthani language.


Dr. Rajkumar Joshi, Director of Rajasthan Sanskrit Academy, announced that Academy is ready to give one lakh rupees every year for publishing of Ojha Ji's literature.


Special guest Prof. Sushma Singhvi, while explaining the Brahma Tattva of Ojha ji, emphasized on understanding the Vedas from the scientific point of view.


Chairperson of the program, Prof. Banwari Lal Gaur, while highlighting the vision of Ojha ji in Indra Vijay, described the glory of India, and stressed the need to look at the Vedic science of Pandit Ojha ji from a new perspective.


Special guest Kapil Agarwal described the present form of Shri Krishna.


Mahant Harishankar Das Vedanti said in his blessings that it is necessary to organize such events and seminars from time to time to save Sanskrit literature in the country. Mahamandaleshwar Swami Gyaneshwar Puri ji expressed his gratitude to all the scholars who came to the program.


Dr. Surendra Kumar Sharma welcomed all the guests by giving them small shall. Dr. Raghuveer Prasad Sharma highlighted the new research of the research institute and prominent scholars of Jaipur presented their research in the seminar, Dr. Umesh Das, Prof. Om Prakash Pareek, Dr. Subhadra Joshi, Prof. Rajendra Mishra and other scholars were present.


Dr. Rajendra Mishra


Dr. Kamal Kishore Chotia


Dr. Umesh Das ji, Dr. Raghuveer Sharma ji, Professor Dayanand Bhargava ji

SC sharma

Dr. Shiv Charan Sharma